Hot water and soap. Please note- the cap cannot be placed inside a dishwasher.

Ice/ hot water might interfere with the measurements, hence, we do not recommend it.


Sure, the bottle can fit into your child’s school bag, and can help you monitor your child’s hydration throughout the day.

Our app is available in the Google Play and Apple stores, just search for "" or scan the QR code on the bottle packaging.


The body of the bottle is made of stainless steel and the cap is made of BPA-free plastic.


The smart bottle contains sensors and a real brain. It remembers all your steps during the day and saves the information. When connected with the app, it transfers all the accumulated information so you can view your drinking habits in a variety of ways.

The innovative patented impacX bottle cap measures the water level in the bottle and synchronizes the information with a mobile application where you can see in real-time how much water you have drunk and how much you need to drink according to your personal plan.

The smart bottle has passed strict tests according to Israeli and European regulation, including durability tests, cold retention tests, quality tests of the software and hardware, radio tests, and various drinking model tests according to certified sources.

For sure. The information in the application is your personal and private information.


Our algorithm calculates your recommended hydration goal considering age, height, weight, gender, and medical conditions. Weather predictions are also used to adjust your hydration goal based on different weather conditions.

Our body needs water to function. Adequate hydration supports health by preventing headaches, lubricating joints, improving skin appearance, boosting metabolism and weight loss, and enhancing performance.

Our smart water bottle is available in two colors: black and white.

Our algorithm detects unusual weather changes and adjusts your hydration needs. It also takes into account your sports activities, location, and weather, updating your daily goals accordingly.

The system's unique algorithm uses your personal data to create a personalized plan with daily goals, which adapt based on your activity level, training type, location, and weather.

On the main screen of the application, you'll see your daily goal and all data regarding your water drinking habits, including past consumption and today's goals.

Go to the History Page, press and hold the event you’d like to delete, then press the red trash button.


Enter the settings screen in the application and select the bottle settings. Here you can manage the reminders, including turning them off, on, and customizing notification styles.

The smart bottle monitors your hydration rate against your personal water plan in the app. It will remind you to drink by flashing and vibrating when it's time for your next sip.

Depending on your personal hydration plan and the activity hours you have set, the bottle will determine a 'progress rate' for you and check from time to time if you are keeping up with it. If you didn't drink the desired amount, the bottle cap will remind you by flashing and vibrating.


Download the app, and follow the onboarding process.

Our application interfaces with certain smart watches and updates your daily drinking goal according to collected data such as: heart rate, number of steps, training intensity and more.

Apple Watch, Garmin, Suunto, Zepp, Polar, Fitbit, Strava.

Try refreshing the app by closing the app completely, and reopening it.

Definitely! Our smart water bottle is made of stainless metal that maintains an optimal water temperature throughout the day.

The water bottle sizes are 10*2.7 inch, and it contains up to 17 ounces of water.

Smart Watches

Go to settings screen in the app > external apps > connect to Garmin.

  1. Connect your Apple Health app to Apple Watch.
  2. Go to settings screen in the app > external apps.
  3. Choose Apple Health and connect.
  1. Connect your Samsung Health app to Google Fit.
  2. Go to settings screen in the app > external apps.
  3. Choose Google Fit and connect.